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this is my best of work so please respect it

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Destiney 3D-ish by ShaDestineygirl

i must say the coloring is perfect but i'm mostly concern only the outlining so i won't confuse the colors. the mood of it is very nice...



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2015 Jasmine Birthday by RheannaTheHedgdemon
2015 Jasmine Birthday
Happy Birthday Jasmine! (Yes one of my characters birthday is today!)
Zachary Reference 2015 by RheannaTheHedgdemon
Zachary Reference 2015
Name: Zachary Death
Nickname: Electric Death, Insanity

Birth: February 7th 1340
Age Appearance: 15

Likes: Order/Clean Neat, Color Green, Peace and Quiet, Books, Cleaning
Dislikes: Dirt, Mockery of Death, Gravediggers, Necromancers, Plagues/Diseases
Personality: Calm, Avoid of Emotions, Knowledgeable about Death related things, Collective
First Impression: Cold, Emotionless

Known as: Insanity, Halfblood Butler, Electric Death

Favorite Quote: 'There is no reason to fear Death, everyone times comes and you are not alone when you pass, Why fight the inevitable?'

Bio: Zachary is Jasmine Death older brother, during the time of the Black Death both of them became orphans after their parents death. He had to steal in order to survive as well his little sister but when she got infected he became desperate in finding something to cure her, in the last moments he pleaded with Death before he offer in being his reapers. Death adopted both of them as new reapers meaning they are strip of their humanity.
As the two trained Zachary proved to be powerful and soon became a match with Death son in what seemed to be rivalry. Even though Death son is older than him the two were equally match on power. When Death son got his scythe first Zachary ventured out to the sacred place where Scythes are gifted to reapers after a series of test he returned and shown his scythe know as the 'light' Orion. thus Zachary became the youngest to receive his scythe and becoming a full pledge reaper.
After year pass Zachary and Death son as well his little sister went on a mission to investigate the death of recruited reapers an incident occurred the made Zachary question his abilities. Zachary have been starving himself and so during the mission he has became insane or as the reapers called it 'Insane/Lost Souls' where Zachary powers went out of control and nearly killed his two comrades. However he did kill two new recruited reapers and devoured their souls before he was stopped after regaining his control but the damage was done. After that he has resigned as a reaper and given his scythe to Jasmine only. After centuries of saying no of returning to be a reaper he was recruited by Rheanna Halfblood in stopping someone from destroying the balance and he agreed to help as well his little sister.
After that he and his little sister fully joined Rheanna team/organization in protecting the balance between supernatural and mortals.
-'Insane/Lost Soul' is a term used by reapers to classify a fallen reaper that have starved or deprived themselves of eating souls they have collected or else they will kill regardless to satisfy themselves of hunger.

Scythe: 'The Light' Orion. Currently used by his little sister Jasmine Death
Skull Pouch: has the souls he had reaped before quitting or given to him by his sister or Death son
Cloak: even though he doesn't wear it, it still enables him minor reaper ability to float or fly

Electricity: Zachary main weapon his green color electricity, it would be stronger if he is in his reaper form but it is still strong enough to combat fallen angels as well demons.
Death eye: since Jasmine is half blinded she can hardly tell when people die but since Zachary isn't he can see when someone is about to die with the clocks above their head.
Reaper Soulz: Every reaper has the ability to control souls in either eating or healing, however Zachary is at the level to even use Demon or Angel souls to his advantage but since he locked away his reaper abilities he cannot use them until he goes into his reaper form.
J reference 2015 by RheannaTheHedgdemon
J reference 2015
Name: Jasmine Death
Nickname: J
Birth: March 6th 1343 

Age Appearance: 12 
-happen when she was 5 years old in 1348

Likes: bunnies, color blue, Jokes, Movies or songs about Alice in wonderland, fun, Games, murder methods
Dislikes: disrespectful people, ignorance, illusions, paperwork
Personality: Curious at times, knowing of unknown/supernatural things, Playful and artist, knows of one's deaths, creepy

Known As: Elf-child, unworldly, inhuman, unfeeling towards human emotion

Favorite Quote: 'The sand is running out a lot faster than you think, oh i wonder how you will die....maybe by drowning or perhaps my favorite of all pestilence.'

Bio: Jasmine and her older Brother Zachary were orphans in England during the Black Plague. She being the first to to get infected and feel the slow painful embrace of death, still clinging to the last breath her older brother made a deal with Lord Death to save her from it. Instead both became reapers, their souls lacking of human emotion even though they can express it it is a void in their eyes. 
Jasmine is the youngest ever to become a reaper at age four, living along side and going through the same training to reap the souls for Lord Death. Some think Jasmine is slowly sleeping into insanity much like her brother however has a better grip on control. The scythe belongs to her older brother who have given up on reaping the dead.
The scar on her face left her half blind, she can see the soul's of the dead with her normal eye however she see's what the humans see's with the scarred one. It sometimes leaves her laughing mad.
Later in the years she and her older brother helped a half blooded creature to stop an evil from taking over the three realms (Heaven, Hell and Eden which is Earth) and became part of her team. She and her older brother works for Rheanna but lives with their second adopted human by the name of Joseph Cricket until Death comes and claims their living friends souls. So far Jasmine never wishes for them to perish or feel the cold embrace of Death.

Scythe: Belong to her older brother; the scythe name is Orion however his abilities will not work for Jasmine since she isn't his chosen. Jasmine does not have her own scythe that have chosen her to be its wielder.
Skull pouch: every reaper have this pouch, it holds the souls they have reaped and will give the one's that Death have requested and lets them keep the rest.
cloaks: a common clothing all reapers wear however it can also define their ability or powers. Jasmine have a training one since she has no special abilities as of yet.

Soul Heal: by using the souls in the pouch the reaper can heal themselves, even though they can't feel pain they still need their vessel to do the dirty work of reaping.
100 souls: is a basic attack and considered a weak attack that every reaper knows, taking the souls from the pouch and using them to fight along your short for a short duration of time before they return back to the pouch. High reapers have updated versions of this attack with their special ability.
Fly/Float: by using the cloak and souls the reaper can maneuver or fly around the sky to find the one's they are hunting down.


One of my characters i have created. She belongs to me as well copyrights, more character reference sheets will be out soon so please be patient.

Jasmine is mine no stealing.
Rheanna Reference 2015 by RheannaTheHedgdemon
Rheanna Reference 2015
Name: Rheanna Halfblood
Nickname: Commander, Crystal Beast
Birth: 18th November 1997
Age Appearance: 15
-Since Rheanna is a half breed of an Angel and Demon she ages every 200 years when she hits age of 21-

Likes: Sweets, Guns, Video Games, Collecting material, feathered made quill's (Especially Angel feather's)
Dislikes: Being reminded what she is, being ignored, commanded by other people, things not going according to plan, people attack, targeting her companions/friends
Personality: Straightforward, Leader, Experienced, troubled when alone
First Impression: Needs to get laid, asswhole, a bitch, stick up her ass (Later it changes)

Known As: Commander, Halfa (Otherwise: Half Angel/Demon, Halfblood), Freak, Abomination, Satan's Champion

Favorite Quote: 'Everyone is an Abomination, so don't just single me out jackass and next time watch what you say about me or my team or you'll be missing a lot more then your pride that i beaten out - kumpish.'

Rheanna real parents are unknown. she was adopted by a angels to be raised in their ways before they were killed by humans and taken into an organization at age five years old. for two years she was experimented on and forced into training. at seven she was sent to slaughter a entire city. She argued but was put through more agonizing punishment before agreeing. That day she has lost her innocence after killing over two thousand people from that she keeps having nightmares as well trust issues with other people. She managed to escape the organization when she was eleven, covered by physical scars as well mental scars. Then she met a demon by the name Darkdragon and joined his team for three years wreaking havoc on humans for three years and felt the taint of "The lost Ones" (well explain on Separate page). Near the months she saw her leader changing, growing more insane and wanting to take the demon king - Satan - throne and rule the three realms.
So she decided to betray him in what she felt was right in keeping order of the three realms, she gathered a team that once associated with Darkdragon or his goons. With the team she fought against Darkdragon and his minions, she won alonhside her friends and decided to leave before Satan stopped her and decided to make her in charge of solving problems between the realms. she agreed and the ally's she made became her teammates Another two years she became entitled "Devil" by the seven sin counselors and satan and joined a tournament to spite everyone that said she couldn't do it and ended up winning and becoming satan champion. Six months later when she became champion the angels deemed her an "Archangel" for unleashing her angel is deemed Justice for stopping a threat that could destroy all three realms.

-"Devil" is a title giving a select few demons and are very powerful demons usually ones of rare breeds and dying races/powers
-"Archangel" a title given to selected angels but for demonstrated by very few angels by virtues and only given by virtue counselor and the titled god

Guns: Common weapon and she uses different brands
Demon Features: Her tail and sharp ears are the two common features that gives away her demon gene
Angel Features: Her Angel wings and beauty is her key to her angel genes

Purple Crystals: Indestructible crystal that can destroy anything and even itself. As long she is touching them or the ground the crystals will still be there but as soon she lets go they vanished. The crystals also use a lot of calories and if she doesn't have enough or goes overboard her body starts getting injured.
Healing Factor: angels and Demons have it and so does she but her healing factor is strange but the thing that is hard to heal is electricity since it counteract her healing factor, chemical radiation also affects it but it doesn't affect her physically or mentally. Due to her healing she is immune to magic especially by Demons and Angels.
I am bored out of my mind and need inspiration for art and/or stories. So i am open for idea's, songs, movies or anime's. So i am open for any idea's also i wanted to know if there is any commission's open for points only and are cheap you know like under 100 :points: per commission...i mean seriously it doesn't have to be that expensive for a sketch.

So i am open to all message's and thoughts.

open for commission's.

-Sketch - a clear sketch of one character
*i can do it from 10 :points:
*extra character is +5 :points:

-traditional/comic - a dark sketch with extra details or a five panel comic
*15 :points:
*extra characters will be +10 :points:
*comic page 5 :points:

*20 :points:
*extra character 15 :points:
*inked 25 :points:
*comic page 15 :points: + color
*colored 30 :points:

-animation icons
*10 :points: for five slides

There you go-and I'll be waiting!!

1. :iconjohnnyhedgehog1992: 5 colored comic pages of our characters from our RP; Traditional 25 :points: *paid*

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